Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6:08 PM by President Janet Stanley 

Minutes: No changes to meeting minutes. Motion to accept by Delores Jacksland, seconded by Matt Stanley

Treasurer’s Report:

Not accepted due to questionable Frontier charges (Janet going to have Beth check on charges)

Janet stated Beth needs to be relieved of her duties as chamber treasurer and Dave Jordan wishes to take the position. Motion by Janet, second by Delores

Matt read a thank you letter received from the Schoff family for our donation towards Ainsley’s needs from our August Volleyball Tourney.

Old Business:

Elves Night Out progress

Janet facilitated plywood delivery to Dwayne at school 

Deloris mentioned a need for an advertising effort surrounding deer

Janet mentioned some of the “herd” will be placed in Palatine Bridge

Janet is working with Peter Lawrence to get in touch with the tractor/wagon contact for rides during elves night out

Letters to Santa responsibilities are set and confirmed through Ann Norman.

Sue Frilander has Library booked for the night

Silent Auction run by Teresa (Reformed Church Pastor’s Wife) at the Reformed Church downtown location confirmed by Delores, 

Store front will be open Tues -Fri of that week (open at 3?) Baskets are to be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday from 3pm

We still need cookie donations so please reach out 

Elementary School choir set to go

Delores will contact PD to have half the street parking shut down for evening

New Business:

Janet proposed a new community event in a 5hr CPR course conducted byCalderwood Consulting. Chamber charged 25.00 per person, we will charge 35.00per person. Not official carded certification but that is available fromCalderwood for an additional fee. (info. available at event)

Motion to pursue idea Delores, second Tim

Question of defensive driving course availability raised by Kim Adamchick. Janet will ask them if they offer that. 

Delores suggested a donation to first responders at the Schoharie tragedy…Motion to pursue Matt, Tim second. Tim checking in with 1st Responders he knows for suggestion of best place to donate to.

Meeting at Friday, October 12 at Mayor’s Office at 3 with the mayor and Mike McMann on the issue of the local boarding houses being unsafe- constant multiple fire, ambulance, police calls. Attendance encouraged

Delores brought up a community event idea of playing old Canajoharie parade movies taken by an Arkell son years ago. Possibly show after a chamber meeting free of charge for the community to enjoy perhaps May meeting with Memorial Day being celebrated that same month. 

Date for decorating the park solid on November 19th at 10am bad weather date the 20th and volunteers are encouraged to help

Janine’s previous speaker suggestion tabled as she was not present.


Reindeer – the following plywood was donated for new reindeer for the park:

Kim Lawrence 1 sheet

Delores Jacksland 2 sheets

Janet & Matt Stanley 1 sheet

Lee’s Shops 1 sheet

(Dave Jordon wishes to sponsor a sheet of plywood) 

Silent Auction Gift Baskets for elves night have been donated to date:

NBT Bank Kim Adamchick

Lee’s Shops Janet Stanley 

Arkell Museum/Library Sue Frilander

Phyliss Lapi 

Picture Perfect Phyliss Lapi /Doreen Solberg

Other:  No additional discussions at this time

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next Chamber meeting 10/9/18 at Arkell Center at 6 PM.

Motion: Motion to adjourn Sue Barker, second Kim Adamchick 

Respectfully Submitted by:    Kim Lawrence, Secretary, notes taken by Matt Stanley