Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order welcome and attendance at 6 pm by President Dolores Jacksland.

Minutes: Motion to accept the minutes of September 9, 2014, motion made by Beth Luck and seconded by Carl Marucci. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: No treasurer report at this time

Old Business:

Harvest Ball scheduled for 10/18/14, music by Bill Brust band at the Canajoharie fire house. There will be a silent auction, large item is a trip t o Lake Placid. Twenty five dollars a couple.

Elves night out is scheduled for 12/5 at 6PM. The park will be decorated on 11/21 volunteers needed, if interested contact Dolores Jacksland. Mr. DeValve has agreed to direct the chorus for carols around the tree. Sue Levitt of Mohawk Valley Real Estate is a chairperson and will be organizing refreshments at the Arkell Library, hot chocolate sponsored by the chamber. A visit with Santa will begin at 4:00 at the Canajoharie Post Office. Flyer will be distributed at the school by Deb Eckler.

New Business:

Nominations will made at the November meeting for committee positions. John Snyder has agreed to run for President. John shared that he currently works for Lee Publications and has 26 years of experience in marketing and working with businesses. He is on the village board. His goal is to bring businesses together to work to promote our community and the businesses within it. Dolores will be stepping down as president after 9 years.

Congrats to Laurie Weingart, Krutz Properties on her successful marathon.

Baskets, Ann Norman complimented the flower baskets and how nice they looked. It was suggested that perhaps in the future baskets could hold mums in the Fall. Some concern was given to how quickly they dry out but this is something that could warrant further discussion in the future.

Suggestion was made to get 2-3 more Christmas decorations to fill in some of the gaps. Decorations are placed along Erie, Main and Church Street. It was suggested that we see how much money is made at the Harvest Ball before any decisions are made.

Janine Nelson suggested an additional sign besides the one the fire department maintains in the bank parking lot. It would be beneficial to place a sign in front of Beech Nut. This will be discussed more in the future but many were in favor of having an additional sign that could hold more announcements.

No meeting in November, next meeting to be held 12/9/14 at 6 PM this will be a small holiday celebration at Arkell Center. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
By Kim Lawrence, Secretary