Meeting Minutes 

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6 PM by President Phyllis Lapi

9 in attendance

Minutes:  Minutes reviewed, no changes

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance: No report available, several donations received


No correspondence

Old Business:

Reindeer to be brought to lawn on 11/21/17, Park will also be decorated on this day at 10 AM volunteers welcome. Ribbon remembrance project will be postponed, could be used as a fundraiser next year.

Elves night out-cookies are needed, they can be dropped off at the Library at 3 pm. Elves night to be held 12/4/17, starting around 4 pm. Wagon rides will be offered this year.

New Business:

Brendon Bracket-from Constellation came to share about his business. This company can save you money on your National Grid bills by securing a rate. Mr. Bracket cautioned about other companies that say they will save you money they often offer variable rates.

A budget committee is needed to establish the budget for 2018, Tim, Beth and Phyllis to meet and draft budget

Election of offers will need to be held, looking for correspondence secretary, possibly treasurer and one trustee. Elections to be held in December. If anyone is interested in these positions please contact Phyllis Lapi.

Membership renewal-plan to start as early as possible in January.

Discussion of farmer’s market. The plan is to offer this again next year but perhaps a different location closer to the main street.

Suggestion for fundraiser, some type of event to be held with food trucks attending, this will be looked at for warmer weather.

Janet Stanley from Lee’s Christmas Corners hopes to lead a fundraiser in January, more details to follow.

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next Chamber meeting 12/12/17 PM at Arkell Center at 6 PM.

Motion: meeting adjourned by Sue Barker and Tim Robertson

Respectfully Submitted by:    Kim Lawrence, Secretary