Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Meeting called to order, welcome and attendance at 6 PM by President John Snyder and assisted by Janine Nelson

Minutes: Previous minutes reviewed. Suggestion made by Cheryl Neal to add names of all board members, to be completed by secretary. Motion to accept the minutes of the January 13, 2015 meeting made by Sue Barker and seconded by Janine Nelson.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Balance: $4,681.52
Savings Balance: $2,560.04

Motion: Sue Barker made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Cheryl Neal. Motion carried.

Old Business:

Terms, Janine Nelson explained that terms are held for three years.

New Business:

Membership: Jim Sancho reports that membership is going well, 42 members so far. A discussion was held in regards to putting membership names in a spreadsheet. Al Palmieri, web designer shared these could be posted on the website.  Carl Marucci and Sherri Mossey volunteered to assist with this. This will help with being able to contact members annually for renewal.

Janine Nelson shared a comparison of previous years membership 2013 to 2014 , showing that majority of people renew.

Bike Tour: John Snyder met with Al Hastings, who puts on the Erie Canal bike tour. Bike tour to be held 7/17/15. The tour’s preference is to stay downtown with barbecue at the museum. Deb Grimshaw who is on the bike committee will be contacting the museum. T-shirts will  be sold again this year with proceeds going to the chamber, Janine Nelson is coordinating this.  The need for a third bus was brought forward, it is felt that 2 buses not three is enough. Volunteers are always needed on the day of the event especially for clean up.

Farmers Market: the farmers market will not be done this year.

Website and Facebook: A discussion of the importance of social media and how we could better use our website and Facebook.  Anthony Palmeri shared that he receives limited information to be posted at this time. It was agreed that using these venues could be a benefit to chamber members. There is a need to determine how we can better allow members to use these formats.  There will be a subcommittee to draft guidelines of how members can have items posted, what can be posted and who will preview items to be posted. John Snyder to meet with Janine Nelson, Carl Marucci and Cheryl Neil on this topic.

May Day Event: To be held 5/1 at the village park. Event will feature music from the Canajoharie students and the Kindergartners to dress the maypole. Dolores Jacksland is coordinating this event.

Riverfront Park and Pavilion Clean up: this is an annual event, Deb Eckler who coordinates this reports the Canal Corps designates a time for communities to register. The Canal Corp provides supplies for the cleanup. Cleanup day scheduled for 4/25/15 10:30-12, volunteers needed. Volunteers can report to the park and it is suggested to bring rakes and brooms.

Village Wide Garage Sale: Discussion- is this something the chamber wants to be involved in? Members would like this to be a chamber event, no fee is recommended.

Motion: Motion for this to be a chamber event made by Jim Sancho and seconded by Cheryl Neil. John to ask Dale Folmsbee to speak with the village as she has volunteered to coordinate this event.

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next meeting 4/14/15 6 PM at Arkell Center.

Motion: meeting adjourned by Janine Nelson and seconded by Jim Sancho

Respectfully Submitted by:
Kim Lawrence, Secretary