Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6 PM by President Phyllis Lapi, 12 in attendance

Minutes:  Previous minutes distributed by secretary. Motion to approve made by Dolores Jacksland and seconded by Sheryl Neal.

Treasurer’s Report:
Balance: $2379.25

Two donations received for community pride, thank you to Sheryl Neal and Dolores Jacksland for your generosity.

Phone bill was discussed, Frontier will be called to see if a lower plan can be found or look at alternatives. Not that many calls are being received each month.

Correspondence: No correspondence

Old Business:
Printed bags on hold at this time. Looking for a different type bag, we will continue to look at this project in the Fall.

Palatine Bridge 150th celebration is on Saturday 6/17/17.

Memberships are coming in but many renewals have not been received, reminder letters will go out. If anyone enquires the form can be found on the website.

Village flowers and park look great.

New Business:
July and August there will be no meetings


House and garden tour scheduled for 6/24/17 10-2, tickets to be sold at the Canajoharie information booth.

Committee looking at hosting a 9-hole golf tournament on 9/8/17 at 4 pm. This will be a nontraditional tournament with each hole having a different fun requirement. Followed by a spaghetti supper. If anyone is interested in helping please contact Dolores Jacksland chair of this fundraiser.

Other Business:

Farmer’s Market grand opening was 6/11/17 and will be held every Sunday.

Looking for volunteers for a nominating committee as several positions will be vacated at the end of the year. Anyone interested in assisting or interested in a position should contact Phyllis Lapi.

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next Chamber meeting 9/12/17 PM at Arkell Center at 6 PM.

Motion: meeting adjourned by Sue Barker and Tim Robertson

Respectfully Submitted by:    Kim Lawrence, Secretary