Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6 PM by President Phyllis Lapi

10 in attendance

Minutes:  Minutes from November meeting reviewed, no changes. Motion to accept made by Tim Robertson and seconded by Phyllis Lapi.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance: $473.19. Motion to accept made by Phyllis Lapi and seconded Carl Marucci.


No correspondence

Old Business:

Elves night out was a great success. The tractor rides were enjoyed. Business owner Janet Stanley reported very high attendance in her shop that evening.

New Business:

A draft budget was presented for approval. Motion made by Janet Stanley and seconded by Carl Marucci for the budget to be accepted. All in favor.

Election of officers held.

Janet Stanley nominated for president. Motion to accept made by Beth Luck and seconded by Carl Marucci. All in favor.

Matt Stanley nominated for correspondence secretary. Motion to accept made by Phyllis Lapi and seconded by Carl Marucci. All in favor.

Kim Lawrence re-nominated for secretary. Motion to accept made by Phyllis Lapi and seconded by Sue Barker. All in favor.

Board members re-nominated, Carl Marucci, Sue Barker, Jim Sancho, Phyllis Lapi. Motion to accept made by Janet Stanley and seconded by Beth Luck. All in favor.

Membership renewal-plan to start as soon as possible. Janet and Matt Stanly will be sending out renewal forms.

Discussion of farmer’s market. Market will be moving to Wagner’s square parking lot.

Use of social media was discussed, currently face book page is not being utilized as much as it could be. Further discussions to be held to determine how the face book page can be better utilized by our members.

Fundraising. The importance of planning and implementing several fund raisers was discussed. A food truck festival is under discussion, vendors would be charged a fee for being part of the event. Might be something that could be combined with the farmers market.  All attendees were asked to come back to next months meeting with ideas and a list of existing events that occur locally. Depending on the event it might make sense to piggy back on another event.

It was suggested that the committee look at its mission and goals at the next meeting to determine how the group can better support local businesses and address their needs. Membership benefits will be reviewed to include receiving some type of sticker or decal to identify members.

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next Chamber meeting 2/13/18 at Arkell Center at 6 PM.

Motion: meeting adjourned by Beth Luck and Phyllis Lapi

Respectfully Submitted by:    Kim Lawrence, Secretary