Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6 PM by President Phyllis Lapi

Guest Speaker:

Hannah Ahren from the Canajoharie Library spoke on the mission of the library and current activities. The library serves Canajoharie, Palatine, Root and Sprakers. The library promotes books and early literacy. Over a 1000 books have been read through the summer reading program. There is an after school reading program going on currently. The library is about the people of this community and how we can help get people connected to resources. Programs being offered, writing class, crochet class, meditation and computer classes are just a few. Hannah made a suggestion that if any business would be interested in partnering to host a reading program this would be a collaborative way to support both businesses and the library. She is open to any creative ways she can partner together if anyone is interested please contact her. E-mail:

Minutes: Previous minutes distributed by secretary, motion to approve made by  Sue Barker seconded by Carl Marucci

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings Balance: 1,562.14

Checking Balance: 416.78

Motion to accept report made by Carl Marucci seconded by Janine Nelson.

Old Business:

Matt Ossenfort will be asked to present at some time in the future. Matt continues to express he feels favorably that the county will assist with Beech nut. Also the bike path will be paved.

New Business:

New waterfront sign has allowed 4 new businesses to advertise. If anyone is interested please contact Phyllis Lapi. Cost is $100 for new advertisers, $25 to renew.

Sue Barker brought forward the suggestion to rename the chamber to include bridge after the word Palatine. This will be taken under consideration.

Spring clean up day will be in April. This is done in conjunction with the Canal Corp’s spring clean sweep which is done throughout the state. Suggestion was made to expand this past the waterfront to also include the bike path and park if more volunteers could be recruited. A final date will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

Chamber continues to work with Anthony Palmieri to establish a method of payment on the chamber website such as pay pal, this would allow members to pay their membership and anyone to make a donation or pay for an event on line.

New business downtown, called Second Chances, is a thrift store. A welcome from the chamber will be sent.

Promotional Committee– Suggestion was made to establish some type of community calendar that would include all the events going on in the community. This could be done through the website. More discussion will be held on this.

A booklet from Sharon Springs was shared as a suggestion of putting together something similar. The booklet would include some history of the town and highlight businesses, it is paid for through advertising. A sub- committee will be working on this.

Fundraising: – House and garden tour, cemetery tour and a dinner are all being discussed as fundraisers.

Finance Committee: – A yearend audit will be conducted. Carl Marucci has volunteered to do this, a second volunteer will be needed.

Additional Items Discussed:

Sheryl Neal stated she attended the village board meeting and it is vital that all of us try to look and think positively about Beech nut. It is hoped that it will not be just left to the burden of the county with assistance of those such as  Congressman Chris Gibson.

Special Events: There will be a 2nd annual May Day celebration

Suggestion was also made by Phyllis Lapi, to have a winter flea market at the Canajoharie youth center, proceeds would be split. Initial conversations with Dante Fowler have occurred and they are interested in partnering with the chamber. There would be a lower table price for chamber members.

Sue Barker announced the locks are open in Palatine Bridge.

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next Chamber meeting 3/8/16  6 PM at Arkell Center.

Motion: meeting adjourned by Sue Barker and Janine Nelson

Respectfully Submitted by:  Kim Lawrence, Secretary