Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6 PM by President Janet Stanley, meeting held at the Riverlink park

Minutes:  Minutes from July 2019 meeting reviewed, no changes. Motion to accept made by Dolores Jacksland and Second Tim Robertson.

Treasurer’s Report: Joann Douglas, second Theresa Draffen  

Correspondence: Corresponding Secretary Matt Stanley read an email submitted to the Chamber by a River Mariner that tied up at our riverfront. Issues of unscrupulous behavior & lack of security. Mariner will pass us by in the future in favor of another marina. President Janet Stanley copied Mayor and Police Chief. Had discussion with Chief MacFadden and he suggested adding local police number as well as local sheriff number to our sign. Meeting Suggestions mentioned to improve the situation include:

Increased police patrol of Riverfront property Camera installation which can be viewed at Police station  

Old Business:

Erie Canal Cyclist T-Shirt Sales: $660.00 in t-shirt sales was reported deposited into chamber account by Dolores Jacksland via Janine Nelson who could not attend this meeting. Dolores suggested expanding t-shirt sales hours to increase sales. That would involve more volunteers which is always an issue.  

Riverfront Sign: Progress has been made with the bottom portion of the newly constructed sign being mounted at the Riverfront. Anonymous donors provided capital for wood and paint, Bill Sulciuis volunteered many man hours of time to cut, prime and paint the base of the sign, Janet Stanley through Lee Newspapers, Commercial Print division created the new metal business signs, Lance Jacksland, Hearn Agency provided transportation for the sign, Matt Stanley, Harry DeLong and Jeff MacIntyre all volunteers from Lee Newspapers assisted in the mounting of the new sign. The top Portion is to be completed by Brittany Play-Button at the end of August. The Courier covered our upgrade. Ideas for additional business sign space are being considered as more new businesses wish to be included.  

New Business:

Chris VanMeter spoke on their plans for their newly purchased stone school in Palatine Bridge. They had wanted/planned to expand in our area for some time with their children coming of age and interest in being involved in the family business, but they were having challenges finding the “right” location. Chris commented that the stone school fit their needs and is a very “doable” remodel. They are having an event where they will be donating $5 per attendee to the Ayres Memorial Shelter, CYC, and the Fort Plain Library. Their open House is Sept 15.

Flags for the Bridge- Janet reported Rodney Sutton will be removing the tattered flags from the bridge on 8/14. The need exists for purchasing new flags which is being spearheaded by Dolores Jacksland. Joann Douglas mentioned there are five 3 x 5 full size flags available to the Chamber from the Boy Scouts. We gladly accepted them and will donate to the Village of Canajoharie. November 18 is decorating week for the village park -need daytime volunteers and if anyone has garland, they wish to donate please do. Exact date and time will be announced closer to the need.  

Elves Night Out: Dave Jordan is willing to be the “Cookie Chairman” and see that enough cookies are produced by his commercial kitchen staff at OFA – Needs to know how many are required closer to the event.

Dave VanMeter is willing to help with the basket raffle this year but not chair the committee Janet has already booked the Clydesdales for this year. Janet will also be sending emails to the community to remind everyone of the date.  

Music on Main Street: A letter was sent to the Chamber asking for financial help from the Chamber toward the Music on Main Street program. Kim Adamchick from NBT has asked that the chamber revisit the donation to help the Music on Main Street Program. Previous years the chamber did a $100 donation.

Dolores Jacksland made a motion to add 100 in next year’s budget for MOMS, no second. Discussion was to add it to the annual budget for 2020 with the amount to be determined year by year. Motion, tabled.  While on subject of music, the displeasure was noted that the cyclist event went without music so a discussion brought about the decision that the chamber will be the permanent music provider for this annual event and that it be added to our December budget for 2020. Joann Douglas Volunteered to be on a committee to acquire some type of music to take place during the cyclist event. for next year. Janet will also assist since she already has many music contacts.

Eddie Watt spoke on his burgeoning projects to promote local history including a historical Walking tour with different stations. Dolores knows where the point of interest posts are that were used in previous years for walking history tours and will assist Eddie. He has also talked to the school coaches about starting a “Volunteer day” as a Spring Village cleanup day. Chamber members in attendance agreed that this would be a project we could and would get behind.

Eddie also Spoke to the Northern (Bishop Byler) and Southern (Chief Porter) Amish Leaders about some type of participation/involvement in the September Street Fair. Eddie has spoken with Congressman DelGotto and he has expressed interest in writing letters of support for infrastructure grants the village might be involved in (75-150k). Eddie also has interest in forming a small county farmer convention in our area in June where Local farmers can voice their concerns/ideas.

Dave Jordan made mention of his Office for Aging Sept 20 Perfect Pairing dinner at Arkell Museum: Admission $50.00 Capping at 250 people. Contact Dave with any questions.

Joanne mentioned she is selling raffle tickets for a fire pit loaded with summer fun products to raise money for her youth organization, JYP. Fire Pit on display at Community Bank. Tickets are $5 each, tickets are also available at Lee’s Shops.  

Membership: Membership Plaques have been delivered by Dolores. Tim has started flower delivery to new businesses. Van Meter’s dish garden will be sent for their September Open House.  


Cemetery Tour:

Things are well under motion for the tour, site is being cleaned, map is being produced. There will be four guides on hand (Tour is approximately 20 minutes long) Rather than a specific price we are looking for donations thinking we would do better. There will be a meeting at Dolores’s on 8/29 for the Cemetery tour. for the people involved but all are welcome.  

Vball Tournament: The 2nd annual Canjo 4’s Sand Slam was well attended with over 90 people there and a solid success. Total revenue before expenses is approximately $2,200.00. (Some final money adjustments still need to be made by Janet with a full report being given next meeting) Motion to donate 500.00 to The Mohawk Valley Collective for the express purpose of their ongoing West Hill School project was proposed by Dolores Jacksland, second Dave Jordan, Motion carried. Janet will instruct Treasurer to send check.  

Other: Lack of Maintenance at Pavilion was brought up by Tim Robertson; Harry Barse as a village trustee agreed to look into who used to clean it and follow up in next meeting.  

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next Chamber meeting 9/10/19 at Arkell Center at 6 PM.  

Motion: Motion to adjourn Dolores Jacksland , Second by Sue Barker.  

Respectfully Submitted by:    Matt Stanley in the absence of the secretary.