Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6 PM by President Janet Stanley

12 in attendance

Minutes:  Minutes from March 2018 meeting reviewed, no changes. Motion to accept made by Sheryl Neal and seconded by Harry Barse

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance: $1976.26 Motion to accept made by Harry Barse and seconded by Sue Barker


Note and donation from Fran Hopkins for flower fund. Donation also received from Palatine literary society and M & M Lawn service.

Old Business:

 Memberships continue to come in, will need to make sure website is updated. Sheryl Neal making follow up calls to businesses who have not renewed.

Music on Mainstreet, 4 dates for August will be shared on website. The organization is looking for a tent to stay up throughout the season. NBT has approved this being on the lawn. They are looking to raise $2000.00.

Bike Tour will be coming through town July 13, 2018. This tour travels from Buffalo to Albany. Bikers tent up to the school. Volunteers are needed down street to direct traffic, looking for 6 volunteers. 24 new T-shirts will be ordered, motion by Harry Barse and seconded by Matt Stanley. Janine Nelson will order shirts.

Matt Stanley is working on the community map. Students from the school art program may be able to assist. Discussion of several of the old maps, anyone having one of these should get it to Matt. Map will be able to have advertising and will be a great way to showcase our businesses when someone comes to town. Suggestion was made to try to have it be tri-fold so it fits in the pocket better. Map will also list annual events.

May Day party in the park for the children will be held 5/4. This day is being planned by Dolores Jacksland. Children will receive a small plant and ice cream will be served. Rain location will be at the library.

New Business:

Arkell museum celebration April 14 and April 15 chamber will have a table

Phone bill- working on canceling phone once canceling the contract is understood.

Looking at hosting a community event on Lyme disease, motion to move forward made by Harry Barse and Matt Stanley. Janet will pursue.

Dave Jordan offered to donate a remote radio event, we could perhaps use this at our food truck event. 


Donations continue to be collected for the downtown summer flowers. Checks can be sent to the Canajoharie Palatine chamber or done through the website.

Elves night out, suggestion was made for chamber to hold a 50/50 raffle fundraiser during this event. All were in favor.

Janet Stanley suggested an item such as an ornament representing Canajoharie/Palatine area be sold as a fundraiser. Committee will meet to discuss further.

Another suggestion is for an auction to be held, donations are requested from the community and then auctioned off.

First Friday in September golf tournament will be held. Anyone looking to assist please contact Dolores Jacksland.

Other:  No other discussions

Meetings: Meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Next Chamber meeting 5/8/18 at Arkell Center at 6 PM.

Motion: meeting adjourned by Sue Barker and Matt Stanley

Respectfully Submitted by:    Kim Lawrence, Secretary