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Van Meter and Van Meter, LLC

59 W Grand Street
Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

Phone: 518-673-0002
Fax: 518-673-6155

Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC, is a comprehensive financial services firm located in Little Falls, New York. We have the training, the experience and the resources to help you and your family enjoy the most prosperous, worry-free financial journey through life possible! We stand beside you at every step of the way: to guide you in prudently saving and investing for the future while you are working, to help you plan to live comfortably on your savings and investments when you retire, and finally to help identify strategies to pass on your wealth to your loved ones without unduly enriching the government.

Homestead Harvest

479 Currytown Road
Sprakers, NY 12166

Phone: 518-496-8902
Contact Person: Matthew Peck

Junior Youth Program (JYP) of Canajoharie

JYP (Junior Youth Program) of Canajoharie is a new after school program for kids from ages 4 – 8 offering homework assistance, activities, crafts, healthy snacks and more.

Phone: 518.816.9530


Beekman 1802

187 Main Street
Sharon Springs, NY 13459

Phone: (888) 801-1802

The Tire Shop

McCarthy Guns

McCarthy Electrical Construction Corp

Summary: Electrical Construction

Ron Allen Trucking, Inc.

Contact: Thomas Logan

Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square

Janet Lee Stanley
Shop Keeper

Lee’s Christmas Corner
Freddy Bear’s Den
Crossroads at Wagner Square

PHONE: 518-673-0292
FAX: 518-673-0293

Janet’s Mobile: 315-525-3582

Treasure Hill Orchard and Country Store

Contact Person: Nick Campiglia

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